2020 Sessions Cannabis Christmas Gift Guide

It’s officially December!

That means a ho‑ho-holiday whirlwind of decorating, shopping, and present-wrapping in between mouthfuls of homemade gingerbread.

In other words: heaven for early shoppers, but stress-city for the less organized gifters.

We won’t let 2020 win this time. With tons of giftable items instore and online, Sessions has got your Christmas covered. Plus, you’ll be supporting local Canadian businesses; something that’s encouraged during these trying times!

From Rookies to Seth Rogan’s, dabblers to certified stoners, you can check off your cannabis gift list faster than Santa shimmies down the chimney- and even find a little something for yourself along the way.

Check out the list below for awesome holiday deals- including new items and limited-edition bundles! We’ve got gifts for her, gifts for him, and gifts for everyone in between.

Futo Smoking Tray

Gift this tray $29.99
On sale December 18

Futo Smoking Trays are designed to make your session cleaner and easier, all with style in mind. The curved main area gives you the perfect amount of space for working and also stores a 2.5″ grinder. The unique open corner design allows for easy cleanup to easily empty your tray back into a container or to fill your stash.

Futo Smoking Tray will be available in a unique co-branded wood. It’s time to upgrade your smoking experience. The perfect gift for cannabis consumers alike!

PAX Era Pro + Fume Pods

Gift this bundle for $89.99
Includes 2 fume lab pods
Available December 17

Pax pods

This is no ordinary vape pen. This extract vaporizer is fully loaded with four temperature settings, draw-activation, and interchangeable Fume Pods. It provides incredible control over temperature and combines with dual wick and leak-resistant pods to deliver a flavorful and consistently satisfying taste.

PAX Era contains a built-in rechargeable battery, and is backed by a 1-year Limited Warranty. You can use the PAX Mobile App on Android to pair with your device and unlock additional features like precise temperature control, LED brightness, colour themes, security lock, and session control.

Dosist Pen

Gift this bundle for only $59.99
Includes a pod and battery
Available December 23


Dosist pens are funky, discrete, and perfect for cannabis consumers looking to accurately control their intake. The original disposable Dose Pen 100 has been joined by the Dose Pen Rechargeable to introduce choice for a vast array of cannabis consumers. Each formula pod provides 500 mg of cannabis oil, and provides a consistent 2.5mg dose lasting three seconds, after which it shuts off automatically. Dose Pens are optimized for performance and safety, and are perfect for both new and experienced users!

Ace Valley Holiday Gift Box

Special Edition gift box available for $79.99
Includes one pre-roll pack, one gummy pack, one 510 cart, and one battery pack
Available December 24th

Ace valley

Toronto-based cannabis brand Ace Valley has created the perfect Christmas holiday gift box, with every goodie a cannabis consumer could possibly dream of. The gift set includes a package of pre-rolls, a package of gummies, a 510 cartridge and a battery pack, all together in a sleek box.

Ace Valley strives to curate cannabis for the lighter and more illuminating moments in life- experiences with friends, music, food and culture. An incredible gift for the cannabis-loving friends on your list, this gift box is the best way to say you care- even if you only talk over Zoom!

*NEW* Sesh Wear Apparel

OG Sessions apparel

Cannabis consumers can be picky, especially if they’re experienced. If you’re unsure which cannabis products to gift someone, Sesh Wear apparel is the perfect gift! In partnership with local artists.

Merry Christmas and Happy Shopping from Sessions!

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