9 Creative Activities for your Stay-At-Home Sessions

9 creative activities for your stay-at-home sessions

When COVID-19 became a hot topic last winter, Ontario’s cannabis sales shot up by a whopping 600%– and it’s not hard to figure out why.

With stay-at-home orders in effect, Ontarians were no longer able to find solace in their usual after-work activities.

A new wave of COVID-friendly pastimes became the norm: TikTok dance challenges, chess (courtesy of The Queen’s Gambit), and of course:

Solitary at-home smoke sessions.

The following advice may pertain to BC, but it holds true months later across the nation:

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Seth is right about one thing: stay at home and let a little green get you through this phase.

But after a year of COVID, another night spent in front of the TV binging shows and movies may sound a little stale.

That’s why we came up with some fun ways to shake up your next sesh.

Take a look at our list of COVID-friendly activities to try during your next session. We’ve got radical ideas for every type of cannabis connoisseur!

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Painting with Bob Ross

Arguably America’s Sweetheart, Bob Ross has been inducing relaxation and encouraging growth for decades. His show Joy of Painting is an excellent way to creatively pass the time. Light a joint, grab your brushes, and let Bob’s soft voice guide you through his world of “happy little trees”.

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Journaling Exercises

Feeling called to connect with yourself? There’s no better outlet than journaling. Tap into your subconscious with these 15 unique journal prompts (doodling encouraged).

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Go on a Mindful Nature Walk

Walking around aimlessly is one thing; walking with curiosity and intention is another. Level up your nature-walking with some of these rad activities to try before, during, and after your outdoor stroll! 

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Go on a Nature Run

If you’re feeling energized, exercise and fresh air might do you some good. Run or jog through the neighborhood (or a beautiful park) to blow off some quarantine-steam. Try an uplifting strain like Jack’s Haze to compliment your workout.

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Solo Dance Party

Is there anything more cathartic than movin’ and groovin’? Leave embarrassment, judgement, and hesitation at the door: It’s time for your hips to do the talking. Check out these YouTube playlists for 2000s dance music and Rock n Roll classics, or join a virtual disco or dance party. Party on!

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Via Instagram @collageisntover

Make a Magazine Collage

Collages are an amazing way to access your creativity. All you need is some old magazines, glue, and scissors and you’ve got yourself a fun new project. Follow @collageisntover on Instagram for some creative collage inspo! 

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Have an Insanely Fancy Bath

You’ve likely had a bath before, but have you had the bath you really deserve? We’re talking an epsom-salt, essential-oil, candle-lit extravaganza complete with homemade body scrubs, face masks, and bath bombs. Check out this article on how to create the bath of your dreams!

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Vegetarian Black Bean Enchiladas, from Love & Lemons

Make an Amazing Meal

Eating is great, but cooking your own food is even better. There’s nothing more satisfying than making a meal with your own two hands- especially if it’s half as delicious as the pictures. Here’s 15 yummy meals inspired by your classic pantry staples!

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Have a Virtual Group Sesh

Hanging out IRL may not be possible right now, but technology gets us closer than ever. Connect with friends for a virtual session, and turn your solitary smoke-sesh into a fun group event! Try playing or Houseparty to spice things up! 

Thanks for staying at home and making things safer for our most vulnerable! We’d love to know: what creative activities have helped you get through this pandemic?

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