How Hamilton Became Canada’s Bud Hub

How hamilton became canada’s bud hub

Hamilton is known across Canada and beyond for its budding cannabis industry. But why does Ontario’s 6th largest city boast a particular fondness for the bud? 

Here are three reasons why Hamilton became one of Canada’s best marijuana marketplaces.  

Hamilton’s got history

Before Canada’s cross-country legalization back in October 2018, finally allowing for legal sales of cannabis through both government-run and privately owned dispensaries, Hamilton already had a strong market for marijuana and existing demand. 

But why? It’s possible the demand stems from the closures of some of Hamilton’s bustling manufacturing facilities. With hard-working folks out of work and with little access to affordable healthcare benefits, many turned to the growing marijuana industry, either for work or to use weed for its suspected medicinal properties. 

With B.C.’s booming cannabis industry serving as inspiration, Hamilton entrepreneurs saw the demand for quality cannabis products in their own backyard before the Canadian government followed through on legalization and provided consumers with options to obtain their bud from local cannabis dispensaries. 

While many of these dispensaries technically operated illegally, it provided a safe space for consumers to purchase their cannabis and funded a growing and often misunderstood industry.

There’s space to grow

It’s no secret that real estate across Canada, especially Ontario, is booming. With real estate across the country in high demand, prices continue to climb. But up until recently, Hamilton was still an affordable place to live and do business, with commercial rental spaces available for reasonable prices. 

This lower price point gave burgeoning business owners in the marijuana space the opportunities needed to start setting up shop across the city. Pair that with Hamilton’s high demand and you’ve got a winning combo. 

It’s all about the know-how

Arguably the greatest reason Hamilton became known across the country as one of the best bud hubs is because of its people. Cannabis experts are quick to call out how Hamilton’s weed industry employees are some of the best in the business for their expansive knowledge and genuine passion. 

At Sessions Cannabis, we know this fact first-hand, employing the expertise of our experienced Budtenders who are always happy to answer any questions in-store or online.

And while the transition to cannabis legalization hasn’t been a perfect process, it hasn’t gone unnoticed across the border, with our American friends looking to their northern neighbours for the do’s and don’ts of marijuana legalization

Make Sessions Cannabis your quality Hamilton cannabis dispensary!

It’s for all these reasons and more that Sessions Cannabis is proud to be a Hamilton-based cannabis dispensary, and with locations across the GTHA (6 in Hamilton alone!) to serve you, you can be sure we’ve got all of your weed needs covered.

Order online for pick-up or visit our Hamilton stores located on Barton Street East, Rymal Rd, Mohawk Rd, Rosedale, Dundurn Street and Stone Church Rd East as well as in nearby Stoney Creek.


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