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If you are looking for a place to buy cannabis I highly recommend this place. There staff are friendly and knowledgeable. By far the best dispensary I have been too.
They are great people who know what they are talking about and also make refunds ez . I personally hope this business does well ..
Absolutely wonderful staff. The guy that help me was very knowledgeable and really friendly. Will definitely come back again.
Great selection in products and great service. Very knowledgeable owner
Went in for $1 pre-rolled. Very happy. Clean place and knowledgeable staff
I enjoyed my visit to this Seasions, the Budtenders were very helpful and were able to recommend a product to help me sleep through the night. Thank you 😊
Best dispensary in Tottenham! The staff always has the best vibes and suggestions when I stop by!
Great Owner and Beautiful location
Very knowledgeable staff. Always there to help you out with any questions about product or brands.Having just moved to town and shopping here on numerous occasions already, it’s nice to know there’s a shop that provides such a positive experience on every visit.Thanks guys.
Wow! What an amazing store! Great selection here with a nice clean and bright atmosphere. Plenty of parking. Felt welcomed the second I walked in. The customer service here is unmatched! Great job guys, found my new spot!
Friendly service!
Now Open!Sessions Cannabis Tottenham is now officially open! Grand Opening Dec 17 2022We stopped in and did a meeting and greet. The proprietors had a batch of special custom cookies available for customers to celebrate.The store is locally owned and operated. Some of their crew has previous industry experience at other Sessions locations.The store has a beautiful circular layout with a number of waterfall and display cases featuring products available from OCS at competitive prices.Sessions is located in one of the newest shopping plazas in Tottenham and has access to Mill st and the surrounding subdivisions.I am looking forward to visiting again 👊🏻Previous Review:Welcome to Tottenham!Sessions is one of the largest dispensary chains in Ontario. The newest location here is still currently under construction but will be available for the public soon.I'll update my review accordingly once I get I and do my thing 👌🔥
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  • Saturday: 10:00 AM - 8:00 PM

Cannabis use is historically known for it’s ability to bring people together. Often consumed in social circles, the experience is interactive. Sessions Cannabis brings the same warm feeling of friendship and camaraderie to the buying experience.

We’ve done away with the illicit environment of purchasing weed, while keeping the friendly discussion and cannabis culture alive. At Sessions Cannabis, we believe a session starts the moment you walk into a pot shop; and we aim to enhance those moments. We help customers feel at ease with learning about and shopping for weed by providing a custom experience every time. When you walk into a Sessions Cannabis store, you will be greeted by our welcoming and knowledgeable staff. You can seek out as much or as little information and assistance as you like. Once you’re ready to purchase, a team member will help you build your order, assist with checkout and make sure you look forward to your next session with us!

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