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No. 1 Aurora Dispensary on Bayview Ave - Sessions Cannabis (Aurora)

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Your session starts the moment you walk into one of our stores, and we’re here to make sure you feel comfortable and informed every step of the way. Our team is friendly and knowledgeable, ready to help you find exactly what you’re looking for. Whether you want to dive deep into the weeds or just grab your favourites, we’ve got you covered. So come on in, pick out your stash, and get ready for your perfect sesh!

Sessions cannabis aurora
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Caphi s.
Caphi S.
Liv ,Jeremy and David awesome staff!! Great work , always very friendly, knowledgeable and always happy! Now I know why I’m back every week
Sherri r.
Sherri R.
Always a great selection
Madina r.
Madina R.
Quinn o.
Quinn O.
Great place to go
Chaney f.
Chaney F.
Excellent service
Marcel b.
marcel B.
Amazing service and awesome staff
Matthew a.
Matthew A.
Excellent consumer service and great help deciding what to get!
Anthony s.
Anthony S.
Erica s.
Erica S.
I love this sessions location, always have the best recommendations & everyone is so nice 🙂
Sam b.
sam B.
Cody r.
Cody R.
April is the best person I’ve ever met!
Sarah c.
Sarah C.
Great service and selection!
Cynthia m.
Cynthia M.
This is absolutely the nicest, Biggest selection and most knowledgeable staff I have ever seen.This has also been the best job I’ve ever had.The culture is always welcoming and the customers really brighten my day 😊
Always a great experience, employees are knowledgeable and quick! Recommended coming here!!
Chris j.
Chris J.
The best store in all the lands
Kamil p.
Kamil P.
Best shop in town for all of your cannabis needs
James w.
James W.
Best people in store !
Heather h.
Heather H.
Awesome customer service lovely smiles and a really huge inventory!
Yash p.
Yash P.
Thanks liv for the amazing service with the selection of pre rolls
Aliana a.
Aliana A.
Amazing customer service, they always have new recommendations that never let me down!
Eddie a.
Eddie A.
Great customer service highly recommend and great deals
Jonathan f.
Jonathan F.
Great place with amazing staff.
Samer i.
Samer I.
K j.
K J.
Tom p.
Tom P.
Michael b.
Michael B.
Great staff always have what im looking for
Ethan m.
Ethan M.
Amazing place! Recommend to everyone
Sarita l.
Sarita L.
Great facility! Very knowledgeable, lovely staff
Taylor c.
taylor C.
Bella m.
Bella M.
Nicky j.
Nicky J.
Love it! Great deals and selection
Steve f.
Steve F.
Overall service was great! Will be returning soon😊
Lucas d.
Lucas D.
David is the goat, awesome service
Liam w.
liam W.
Casey b.
Casey B.
Great staff!
Chris f.
Chris F.
This is the best and only place to get product. The staff is super friendly and very helpful. Definitely the place to go. Five stars
Shaunt b.
Shaunt B.
Liv was extremely helpful in helping me make my purchase
Justin w.
Justin W.
Great staff and great selection!
Nathalia p.
Nathalia P.
Great customer service
Ali c.
Ali C.
Amazing service, helped and had a answer for all the questions I had and a great selection
Dominic l
Dominic L
Cynthia was a great help today for my first time at this establishment wonderful service
Eric f.
Eric F.
Syd b.
Syd B.
the sales people are always very helpful whenever i go in
April h.
April H.
This location has a great selection and there is something for everyone. The staff are very friendly and helpful. I can say it’s my go to place to shop in Aurora 😊
Chris h.
Chris H.
Kyle s.
Kyle S.
Always take good care of us and always have great deals!👍
C c.
C C.
Great service. Liv helped me today find the best strain I've ever smoked.
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