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Thanks so much, RJ. Great work! Your customer service is excellent, and your passion for your work is refreshing to see.
Nice store
They are all great. Very friendly staff. Very well organized/clearly laid out store. Makes it very easy to find everything. I also like they don't do the "it's in the back" thing that other dispensaries do. I find it makes it clearer as the staff person will help you choose your strain will grab it for you and will take you to the cash to finish the transaction. It feels like a better shopping experience compared to other stores that have one person for customer service, one person working in the back who gets your order and a different person at the cash. Also best prices i can find in Ottawa.
Really friendly staff, I’m from Montreal and the cánsanos buying experience is totally different. Great prices and pet friendly!
Clean, and professional. They forgot something on my order, and I came back 2 days later, with no issues. Good Customer service
I really like this dispensary. The staff is friendly, the store is well stocked. Ryan is knowledgeable and friendly and took a little extra time to answer all my questions 😁
Clean, open and beautiful spot in a nice location. Staff are extremely personable and friendly, offering advice when needed. I love seeing Bob Ross and Chef Ramsey on TV when I go!
This is my favourite dispensary in Ottawa. I recommend it to everyone because of the nice staff, fair prices and overall selection!They’ve done a fantastic job creating a space for new comers and regular users.Thank you for everything you do!
This place is fantastic. They honour price matching in the area and are such a great staff. Highly recommend
This is my go to store, in fact most employees will know who I am when I post this I'm there that often haha. Absolutely chill and great staff, all of them have a good general knowledge of marijuana some of them can blow your mind, amazing selection and variety. Always a unique experience.
Never once been steered wrong by the recommendations from the staff. My favourite spot to stop in for a chat and a restock 😊
Wonderful as always.. just moved to the area . Great to have a store that makes you feel welcomed
Great service!
Great prices, pricing matching available
Perfect place to grab anything cannabis. Love this spot
Absolutely wonderful service. Friendly staff and remarkably welcoming
Great local service + prices
This place is sick and always has the friendliest service 🫶
Amazing dispensary in Ottawa, awesome staff they take care of your needs. I’ve been to most of them and this one is by far the best one Cheers!!!
Greatest dispensary in Ottawa I’ve been to most of them and this one is by far the most amazing one!!! Cheers!!!
This place is my go to.. staff are amazing and friendly and they price match!!!! Sara the bud tender is great,she really gets to know her regulars and what they like 🫶🏼 lol thanks for sooo many great nights 😂
Great prices and great staff!
Had a fun time trying dog treats at the store
Great selections, very friendly staff. Sarah always helps me out.
Great store. Price matching is there best selling feature! Knowledgable staff!
Very good selections!
Nice spot
Sarah is the most helpful and best salesperson in your store. I highly recommend that you ask for her when you visit this location.
Great staff, awesome recommendations.Renee has been so great - she always pays attention to what we are looking for. Awesome staff! 🙂
Dog friendly. Nicely laid out store, and staff is knowledgeable about inventory.
First time walk-ins. Sarah, made us feel welcome and her expertise g o t us in and out within 20 mins.Absolutely remarkable customer service.Love the team. Will return.You're the best Sarah! Thank you for making our experience one to remember
It's a really nice store and the staff make buying weed super comfortable. Amazing addition to the hood, and happy I dont have to walk down to bank anymore! They also price match!
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Cannabis use is historically known for it’s ability to bring people together. Often consumed in social circles, the experience is interactive. Sessions Cannabis brings the same warm feeling of friendship and camaraderie to the buying experience.

We’ve done away with the illicit environment of purchasing weed, while keeping the friendly discussion and cannabis culture alive. At Sessions Cannabis, we believe a session starts the moment you walk into a pot shop; and we aim to enhance those moments. We help customers feel at ease with learning about and shopping for weed by providing a custom experience every time. When you walk into a Sessions Cannabis store, you will be greeted by our welcoming and knowledgeable staff. You can seek out as much or as little information and assistance as you like. Once you’re ready to purchase, a team member will help you build your order, assist with checkout and make sure you look forward to your next session with us!

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