Pull the Plug Campaign – Dangers of legacy Cannabis

Pull the plug campaign - dangers of legacy cannabis

Since cannabis legalization, it’s hard to remember a time when we couldn’t just go to a store and purchase it. Now we have the privilege of walking into where experts can help us make informed decisions about what to purchase. The old way of buying cannabis came with many dangers and unknowns, and unfortunately, some people are still taking that risk. 

This article takes a deep look into the dangers of legacy cannabis and why it’s essential to make sure you’re purchasing from a legal retailer. 

Sketchy Shopping Experience

Shopping for cannabis shouldn’t be scary. When purchasing cannabis, it’s essential to always consider your health and safety. You want to ensure you’re buying from someone you can trust. When you buy from an unreliable source (someone legally not allowed to sell), you are putting yourself at risk because you don’t know where the cannabis is coming from or how it’s been handled. That’s why it’s vital to purchase from a legal seller. When you are buying cannabis from a legal seller, you know you’re getting a safe and trustworthy product that has been handled and marked with care. 


When it comes to the old way of purchasing cannabis versus the new legal way, one thing is clear; you will never have to worry about being shorted again. Nor will you have to worry about safety or quality control. When you shop with a legal seller like Sessions Cannabis, you can purchase it knowing that you’re paying for the right amount and that it’s been handed and grown with care.


Limited selection

For the longest time, no one truly knew what type of strain they were purchasing. It mainly was that you got what you got, and that was it. With the legalization of cannabis came more knowledge. When you visit your local Sessions Cannabis, you can shop a broad selection of cannabis with strain-to-strain comparisons using our in-depth tagging system. You may stumble across some old classics and maybe even discover some new favourites!

Uninformed choices 

When you shop at a legal cannabis store, you’re able to make well-informed choices on which strain is right for you. At Sessions, our budtender knowledge is unmatched. Each budtender must graduate from our budtender program and continue with ongoing education modules to ensure they are current with the cannabis industry and emerging products and trends. This is something you don’t get when you continue to purchase cannabis from the legacy market. 

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How to Spot a Non-legit Website

When ordering your cannabis online, you must ensure the website is legitimate and from a legal retailer. There are a few easy ways to tell whether or not a website is legit or not. One major red flag is if the seller requests that payments be made by e-transfer; this is not a legitimate way to purchase cannabis from a legal seller. Another easy way to tell is if the website states that the products are shipped anywhere in Canada or if the retailer uses generic email addresses, such as Gmail or Hotmail. Though the easiest way to tell is if the product’s packaging has an excise stamp, this stamp is used to prove that the product has been produced to the highest health and safety standards. 

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