3 Reasons Why You Should Try Cannabis Drinks!

3 reasons why you should try cannabis drinks!

When you think about “eating” your weed, most people turn to edibles and tinctures, and while these are a couple of great ways to enjoy Sessions Cannabis products, did you know you can now drink your cannabis? 

It’s true and is all over cannabis news! But… let’s address the elephant in the room first – will it even taste good? After all, cannabinoids (i.e. the compounds found in the cannabis plant, like THC and CBD) are notoriously tough to mix with water. That’s because cannabinoids are considered fat-soluble, which is the scientific way of saying they readily dissolve in fats or oils. That’s why you often see Canadian cannabis companies selling butters, baked goods, or CBD oils. And if science class taught us anything, it’s that oil and water don’t mix! 

So, how do cannabis drinks become, well, drinkable? It’s not an easy process, but leave it to the cannabis market to figure it out! One way involves a method called nano-emulsification, which breaks cannabis oil down into microscopic particles that are then mixed with an emulsifier, which is a substance that helps oil dissolve in water. The tiny particles of cannabis are then suspended consistently throughout the drink so that every sip has the same amount of cannabis. Flavours of choice are then added to mask any taste of the cannabis. Another way includes just the use of emulsifiers and avoids breaking down the cannabis particles into microscopic sizes.

Sound tasty yet? Well, grab a glass and let’s cheers to the three reasons why you should try cannabis drinks!


1. It gives your favourite drink a useful kick!

Most of us are used to taking sips of our favourite energy drink to power us through the day, or quenching our thirst with a refreshing beverage, or reaching for our go-to tea blend to unwind before bed. But have you thought about how cannabis-infused versions of these drinks can actually make them that much better? 

THC and CBD have their own respective effects and benefits, so packing that extra punch in your favourite bevy isn’t a bad idea. For example, depending on the strain and the levels of THC and CBD, cannabis can have energizing or calming effects, so accessing those effects through your cannabis drinks, such as your energy drink, sparkling water or early evening tea, can actually enhance their purpose.


2. It’s great at parties

Since the cannabis news hit that it was legalized in Canada back in late 2018, its use has grown in popularity and the cannabis market has taken notice. Trying to come up with new ways for consumers to enjoy their bud has led to the creation of cannabis-infused drinks that appease the tastes of consumers and non-consumers alike. 

Considering that vaping and smoking cannabis are still popular ways to consume weed, it stands to reason that there’s likely a lot of people who don’t enjoy a face full of smoke while standing nearby. Drinking your cannabis offers an easy way of enjoying your weed while not affecting those around you, say at a social gathering for example. 

It’s a great way to stay social without singling yourself out and away from the group!


3. It’s an efficient way to enjoy your cannabis

When you ingest cannabis in the form of an edible, such as a gummy or a chocolate, the amount of time it takes for you to feel its effects is longer because it’s absorbed via your stomach and your liver. But interestingly, the nano-emulsification process used to brew some cannabis bevies has the opposite effect. Because it breaks the cannabis down into smaller particles, it allows them to be absorbed much faster through your stomach lining. The faster it’s absorbed, the faster you will feel its effects, and when it comes to cannabis, the faster the effects kick in, the faster the effects wear off, making it more “sessionable”!

Ready to give a cannabis-infused beverage a try? Sessions Cannabis has lots of delicious options from quality Canadian brands! Check out some of our staff picks below and visit your local Sessions Cannabis shop in-store or online.

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Take a peek at some of Sessions Cannabis’ top cannabis drink brands!


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Green Monké’s special brand of cannabis-infused sparkling soda comes in delicious fruit flavours to keep things light and fun! Find at Sessions Cannabis.

Bedfellows hausmates. Fad965e8

Beer fans will love the non-alcoholic, cannabis-infused blends from Truss Beverages Co.’s Bedfellows brand. Find at Sessions Cannabis.

Quatreau cucumbermint edit 1

Quench your thirst with the refreshing, light flavours of Quatreau’s cannabis-infused sparkling water. Find at Sessions Cannabis.


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