Vaping vs. Smoking Weed: Is There a Difference?

Vaping vs. Smoking weed: is there a difference?

Since the legalization of cannabis, various methods of cannabis consumption and uses have emerged to attention. To some it may come as exciting and a relief whereas to others it can be overwhelming and confusing at times. 

One area that is often confused is understanding the difference between vaping vs. smoking weed. Whether you are new to cannabis or a connoisseur, you have come to the right place! 


What is smoking weed? 

The act of smoking weed is essentially inhaling the vapours from a form of cannabis whether it be a bud or an oil. As mentioned previously, smoking weed can be done in different ways. Traditionally, smoking cannabis is remembered and more commonly assumed to be done through a rolled joint which is then lit and inhaled by the user. However, now cannabis can be ingested, used through oils and topicals, and inhaled through a vapour or by smoking it. 

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What are the differences? 

      Vapes are more discreet: 

One of the well-known differences between vaping and smoking is the convenience. With smoking, you need to ensure you are outside in a non-smoking area. Even doing so, you may catch some stares from others who may not enjoy the scent from smoking cannabis. While many prefer the easiness of vaping because of how discreet it is. Vaping avoids the loud smell and can be done in certain indoor settings. 


      Smoke can be a bit harsher: 

Smoking weed is known for being a bit harsher when inhaled compared to vaping. However, this also depends on how long you may hold in an inhale using either method and how you inhale. 


      Vaping gets you higher: 

According to a John Hopkins study, vaping cannabis can cause infrequent users to get higher than when compared to smoking weed. However, this is also determined and altered depending on the dosage inhaled. It is important to speak with an expert if you are unsure and need assistance when determining an appropriate dosage level. 


“How to” use a vaporizer?

When using a vaporizer or a vape pen, the first step you want to take is selecting your pen (which will hold the cartridge) and then choosing your cartridge. You may want to consider speaking to the store salespeople to ensure that the pen can carry the cartridges you favour. By this, we mean some pens are built to carry specific cartridges. 

Now you are set! The final step is to activate the vaporizer which will initiate the heating process. Usually vapes are activated either by clicking on a button or by simply inhaling. The activation is essentially triggering the atomizer which quickly heats the bud/oil in the cartridge. 

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Dry herb vaporizer vs. oil 

Oil or liquid cartridges are exactly as they sound. The oil will already be in the cartridge when purchased and all that is left to do is insert it into the pen. 

A dry herb vaporizer is a bit different. This type of vaporizer comes with a cartridge that allows you to fill with almost any unprocessed flower. Otherwise the mechanism is the same. The cartridge will be heated to allow the THC to vaporize and be inhaled by the user. 


Consult with a Sessions budtender! 

Now you know a bit more on the differences between smoking and vaping! If you are unsure about which one is best suited for your lifestyle, you can always ask a Sessions budtender. Visit your local Sessions

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