Your 2022 Cannabis New Year’s Resolutions

Your 2022 cannabis new year's resolutions

Hoping to make 2022 lit with some top-tier cannabis products? Then search no further because we at Sessions Cannabis have you covered when it comes to incorporating cannabis into your 2022 routine – and what better way to start than with some New Year’s resolutions! Don’t worry, we’re not going to list off the typical “eat better” or “exercise more” pledges you’re used to hearing (not that those are bad either); rather, we’re going to focus on new ways to up your weed game if you’re a frequent user, or how you can gently ease yourself into the cannabis community if you’re not. Whether you use cannabis for pain or for recreation, the quality of your sesh is just as important as the quality of the product itself.


So cheers to 2022 and your new list of New Year’s cannabis resolutions! Let’s get started…

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For the Newbies


Resolution #1: Get Educated

If it’s your first time tangoing with cannabis and you’re a little hesitant, those of us in the cannabis industry believe the best place to start is by learning a bit more about the bud. After all, what does cannabis mean anyway? What is it? 

Cannabis comes from the cannabis sativa plant, which is often used for its psychoactive and therapeutic effects, so much so, that even before it was legalized in Canada for consumer consumption, many were using it as medical cannabis. You might hear cannabis called by other names such as marijuana or weed, but it’s the same thing. 

Cannabis/Marijuana/Weed etc. comes in many forms, and you’ll most often see it offered as a dried flower (the stuff most used for smoking), as an oil (such as CBD oil), as a topical (like cannabis creams), or as a cannabis-infused drink or edible (think butters, cookies, candies or chocolates).

It’s worth noting that not all cannabis gets you high. Cannabis is made of compounds known as cannabinoids. The most common are THC and CBD. THC is the cannabinoid that gets you high, while CBD is the cannabinoid that doesn’t; instead, CBD is best known for its anti-inflammatory and anti-psychotic effects.

With this knowledge, you can then decide what kind of effect you want to elicit from your cannabis and which products best suit your taste. 


Resolution #2: Start Sampling 

Trying a little bit of a few, select products is a great way to learn about what you like. For a less intense experience, start off with a delicious cannabis-infused drink or a topical. If you’re thinking you want to delve a little deeper, go for an edible or a low dosage CBD oil. 

If getting high is what you seek, hit up a vape, a joint or some dried bud. We sell all of these products from quality brands in-store and online. Our knowledgeable Budtenders are also happy to answer any questions you have and make recommendations.

Check out our top picks…

Nuveev (topicals)

Collective Project (beverages)

Legend (edibles)

FIGR (vape carts)

Pure Sunfarms (dried flower & pre rolls)


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For the Cannabis Connoisseur 


Resolution #1: Go for the Good Stuff

When you’re an avid cannabis user, chances are, you’ve got a refined taste that can spot bad bud from the jump. If you haven’t yet resolved to start choosing better cannabis products, then let the new year be your starting point! Go for quality brands that are known for their top-tier strains and quality assurance process. 

Not sure where to start? Visit a Sessions Cannabis and speak to one of our Budtenders or check out our top brands online. You can rest assured knowing all of the cannabis products sold by Sessions Cannabis are carefully curated and we only sell high-quality cannabis.

Check out some of our favourite brands!


Resolution #2: In With the New

When it comes to improving your cannabis experience, looking to your accessories as a way to make an old routine new again is often overlooked. Cannabis accessories can not only improve the way you enjoy your cannabis, but can also improve the cannabis itself

Try out a new rolling tray, or upgrade to a rolling machine, or go for some flavoured rolling papers for a fun twist on your traditional sesh. When comes to all-things-cannabis, Sessions has you covered – find your closest Sessions and check out our list of accessories for more on how you can take your weed experience to the next level!

Here’s a few of our favourites…

Sessions 510 Battery

Blazy Susan- rolling papers

Pax3- vaporizer


Resolution #3: Expand Your Horizons

The cannabis industry is an inventive one, there’s no doubt about it, so now is a great time to take a step beyond your usual favourite cannabis products and try something new! 

Depending on your desired effect, you can drink, smoke, eat and just generally use cannabis in more ways than ever. Used to always rolling a joint? Try a vape! Obsessed with your cannabis cream? Try another topical like an oil or balm. Love your edibles? Reach for a cannabis-infused drink for a new and refreshing way to enjoy your weed.

The point is the options are nearly endless, and we at Sessions Cannabis pride ourselves in our ability to assist customers in finding new and enjoyable ways to consume their cannabis. Click or come in to see what your local Sessions has to offer!

So there you have it! Take on some (or all!) of these New Year’s resolutions and watch your cannabis experience go from ordinary to extraordinary.


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